As a Board Member and Non-Executive Director, Zachary Schwartz brings a 20-year hotel industry and private equity track record to every company and institution. Serving on multiple Boards, from European portfolio companies to real estate holdings, Mr. Schwartz is a highly-qualified, experienced and dynamic governance practitioner skilled in working with Executive teams, public/private companies, investment stakeholders and non-profit organizations.


Mr. Schwartz works closely with key stakeholders to tailor Board and Non-Executive Director services to specific organizational needs or goals. As a fiduciary, Mr. Schwartz seeks to steer these organizations to sound ethical, governance and financial policies, thereby ensuring sustainable futures.  

  • Ambassador – engage in outreach to expand reach through personal network and enhance the public or brand standing of the organization.
  • Strategy – ensure that the organization and Board has a clear vision, mission and purpose that is is realistic and achievable.
  • Architecture – provide pointers as to when and what governance frameworks needs to be put into place for success through periods of growth.
  • Governance – advise handbook policies and processes required to make organizations and Boards work on a day-to-day basis.
  • Reporting – oversee reliable and accurate performance reporting to make informed, evidence-based decisions.
  • Financial – review and interpret management accounts and financial statements to support and advise critical decisions.
  • Risk – provide the appropriate oversight of risk, both asking questions and challenging positions.
  • Evaluating – initiate ongoing evaluations as well as new recruitment and appointments, on both an internal and external basis.